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What lies behind our Z Models brand?

Previously unpublished metal miniatures with openings, a limitless brand.

Z Models, first chapter.

2019 is following its course, however a quick pitstop brings news of a new brand making its entrance mid-year: Z Models announces the arrival of our first metal miniatures with openings. Some of you already know us through our sister brands such as Otto Mobile or GT Spirit, but the desire to produce new models in metal with openings was extremely high, so why not create a new brand which allows us to go wild? We know the miniature market and the expectations of the collectors too; constant new ideas exploding into the world of miniature?  These we have in abundance. This is how Z Models was born and the story begins right now, from Brittany to the rest of the world…

Z Models, our range

Our list of new products is limitless, we can find old cars, 1/12 scale, trucks, modern prestige vehicles with bonnets hiding powerful engines … all in metal and with opening parts. A highly detailed finish as standard that you will find in all good miniature resellers and for direct sale on our site.

Z Models, our philosophy

Let’s break the codes! ‘Extraordinary miniatures at reasonable prices’. This is our motto, a promise that we intend to keep for each of our new products.

Z Models, our goal

Our goal is simple: to offer you previously unpublished models on the market at unbeatable prices.

Z Models, our services

We are Breton, known for our conviviality, our customer service and after-sales service will always be available for any of your questions.

And then…

It remains for us to write the next chapters together. To begin the adventure, start by boarding our two 1/18 scale Renault Magnum Phase 2 trucks and our 2CV Charleston 1/12 scale.